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Love on the beach -package for couples

Wrap your loved one in the armpit and enjoy a picnic basket with a welcome drink by the sea at Hiekkasärkät.
You can only book the accommodation you want from our destinations and the program for the weekend is ready.

* Picnic basket with welcome drinks, inclined blanket and welcome drink and snacks, nuts and marshmallows.
* Sunset cruise on the Kiira ship in front of Hiekkasärkki, duration about 1.5 h. Departure from Keskuskari marina at 9 p.m.
* Pedal boating or paddling for two when the morning sun is shining near the beach of Hiekkasärkki, duration 2h.
As an alternative, cycling for two on pine trees, wooden trails or to nearby cultural sites.
Fat bike bikes 2h or regular bike 8h.
* In the magnificent sea view, you can enjoy the sunset on the glazed terrace of the BeachRose café-restaurant, which serves snacks (savory / sweet) and a glass of wine.


Kalajoki Keskusvaraamo

Matkailutie 312
85100, Kalajoki