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Night-time sledging

A magical experience, under a starry sky, out on the frozen sea! You travel safely tucked in a sledge, pulled by a
snowmobile along the beach and out on the frozen sea.
There is no shortage of atmosphere on these tours if you want to enjoy nature in the evening. Whatever the weather
might be, the darkness and vast open space is always a fascinating combination. Once out on the sea, as the engine of
the snowmobile is turned off, you can hear the silence, the eternal stillness of nature. We enjoy hot beverage by the
campfire, enjoying the peace of nature. The guide has a telescope that you can borrow to spot star figures, cloud
formations or distant ice-eskers. With a bit of luck, you might also see the northern lights!

Hiekkasärkkien Ohjelmapalvelut Oy

Merisärkäntie 10
85100, Kalajoki
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