Visit Arctic Coast

Discover your North

Hovercraft excursion to the archipelago

A North Pole -like arctic experience taking you out on the sea, sliding over crushed ice, solid ice or even open water!
A hovercraft ride in the winter-spring on the arctic coast is an unforgettable coastal experience. Hovercrafts are used
in the archipelago and along the coast as mode of transport on insecure ice. The vessel can operate on ice. crushed ice
and water. During the ride you can sit back and enjoy the scenery of the coast and archipelago. We will make a break
for a snack, fry sausage and drink a warm drink on a beautiful spot. The hovercraft accommodates max 6 persons at a
time, and it travels up to 60 km/h.
Larger groups are taken to the archipelago in batches.

Hiekkasärkkien Ohjelmapalvelut Oy

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