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Day as a musher

Welcome to Arctic Coast Mushing Center, located in Pyhäjoki, just off the coast of the Baltic Sea. At Arctic Coast Mushing Center you meet Siberian Huskies, Greenland Dogs and Yakutian Laikas – all primal arctic sled dog breeds. We have around 70 dogs of all ages.
First, we get familiar with the dogs. Arctic sled dogs are herd animals and need the company of their kins to feel well and thrive. But what does a musher do? Mushing is driving a sled pulled by a team of sled dogs, but there is so much more to being a musher. Mushers care for their dogs by feeding, loving, exercising, and entertaining them. Sounds like a fun life, huh? You get to try out and participate in the daily activities of the farm together with the musher.
During the day you get to know the dogs and maybe even find a favorite amongst them. We enjoy a lunch and some hot beverages at the farm in between the chores. A true highlight of the day is the 10 km ride by sled or kart, for the dogs the exercise, for you the mushing!

Price 250 eur / adult – 125 eur / child 2-12 years.
Price does not include transfer to / from Arctic Coast Mushing Center

Arctic Coast Mushing Center

Pirttikoskentie 1120
+358 44 24 80 702