Visit Arctic Coast

Discover your North

Coastal safari

This adventure gives you a taste of arctic coastal life and a flavour of the ice-covered winter sea. The snowmobiles are
an easy vehicle to ride, and children join in seated in a sledge pulled by the snowmobiles.
For this safari we ask you to bring your curiosity and sense of discovery. Let’s go and see what we find just along the
beachline, very close but it for sure seems in a different world. As the weather conditions are changing rapidly, the
guides have planned out today’s tour with consideration to the prevailing weather conditions.
Along the beachline and only a few kilometres out on the thick ice-cover of the sea you can meet local fishermen who
are checking their nets that are under the ice. In case the fishermen have a day off, you get to try your luck in ice-
fishing with jigs. This is the leisurely kind of fishing and the being there is more important than the catch. We might
also take a turn to admire the ice-eskers, if there are any at this point in time. During your safari you will experience
some or all the mentioned things. The coastal weather conditions can change rapidly and can make driving out to the
ice-eskers impossible. For sure we will find a sheltered place on land to make a campfire and enjoy a snack.

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