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Arctic Explorer

This safari is for those of us, who have an explorer’s mind. You might be intrigued by the frozen sea, fascinated by its
colours, and want to experience the freedom of the great white. Our local guides will take you on a coastal expedition.
The age limit for this tour is 12 years.
After thorough driving instructions and well equipped you begin your journey, led by a local guide. The route and
experiences of the day have been well planned by the guide, adapted to the prevailing weather conditions. We head
for the large ice-eskers, which are way out on the frozen sea. In case no boat traffic has been passing for a few days,
we might even reach Maakalla Island, 18 km from the shore. This island is dormant in winter and in summer its special
community returns to enjoy a lifestyle profoundly marked by local history. This island used to be inhabited by
fishermen and seal hunters and it was given autonomy in 1771. In case Maakalla is not available on the day of your
expedition, we seek a few of the islands in Rahja archipelago. Here the land rise is visible, and you can also find traces
of ancient fishermen dwellings. A highlight of the day is a ride on the hovercraft that meets us out on the frozen sea.
The hoover craft takes you on a ride during the lunch break. In March we might see seals on this tour.

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