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Never-ending sunsets of Kalajoki

As always when being on a western coast, Kalajoki boasts beautiful sunsets. Being on the arctic coast of Finland, but still 350 km below Arctic Circle we enjoy white nights but no midnight sun. These circumstances stretch the golden hour into an endless, serene spectacle, which we call never-ending sunsets. There’s nothing quite like watching the sky paint itself in endless hues of orange and pink, a perfect moment that’s best enjoyed in good company and with a relaxed spirit.


Join us in Kalajoki this summer. You feel how time slows down and every sunset is a memorable celebration of tranquility and beauty. Many enjoy the never-ending sunsets on the beach, slow walks, chilling and playing guitar, children playing in the sand. Life is good. Lokkilinna on top of the sand dunes is known for its sundowner evenings with live music. There is an auditorium-like terrace from where you have a spectacular view on the open sea and the colorful sky.

Spring is slowly turning into summer, and soon we’ll be enjoying this spectacle in full-scale. Already now the sunsets are pretty amazing, sun sets around 21.30 in May. The color play is the same, the span is just shorter. In June-July the sun sets into the Baltic Sea around midnight, to rise again around 03:00. In August we have quite the same sunset hours as in May. September is often mild, due to Kalajoki’s microclimate (see our article on Kalajoki Sand Dunes) and we soak up the last sunsets of the summer, then taking place around 20.00.