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Destination HaparandaTornio

The borderless border area between Finland and Sweden is worth to be discovered. Lush river valley and coastal archipelago, a distinct culture and two time zones.

Regardless of national borders and governments, Torne River valley has had its own cultural heritage with villages located on both sides of the river, strong fishing tradition and a language, Meänkieli, dating back to 1809. Still today all this is felt and experienced in HaparandaTornio. Kukkolankoski is one of the villages stretching to both sides of the river and its rapids are the center of the traditional fishing method, called dip netting. This fishing tradition, dating hundreds of years back, is still an essential part of local life. For those interested in the cultural heritage, featuring border trade and smuggling, cross border marriages and the origins of Meänkieli, Torne Valley Museum is a perfect place to start. Skilled local guides are happy to take you out on walking tours to the city’s historical quarters or out to the nature. On these tours you get a hands-on experience of local lifestyle.


HaparandaTornio offers a lot for the outdoorsy as well as the outsidey. Rafting is a must in summertime and imagine yourself kayaking from a river landscape out to the estuary and further to the archipelago. Wintertime guests enjoy exciting off-road snowmobile safaris along ancient forest trails and frozen wilderness rivers. An evening tour to the fishing traps can be done by sliding snowshoes with northern lights or a starry sky above you. Nature can be enjoyed every season. Maybe on the shores of the river while nibbling on a white fish traditionally roasted on a spit or admiring the colors of the coastal polar night through the window of a warm cottage.


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