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Destination Arctic Crater Lake Lappajärvi

Some 80 km of the arctic coast of you find authentic rural Finland at its best. Here you find the landscape that for many is what Finland is all about: lakes, forests, and fields.

The ancient meteorite impact is still today seen in the nature and landscape of Europe’s largest Crater Lake. The cultural heritage of the destination displays countryside life with roots deep in the Ostrobothnian soil. You are welcomed as a guest by our local network of partners, starting with cozy accommodation options in a guesthouse or in lakeside resort. When your stay includes several days in the destination, we recommend relaxing and enjoy the top activities, hiking and fishing excursions, wellness experiences. A guided, themed hike on the numerous Geopark hiking trails take you to the best nature sights and tell the geological tale of the area. Arctic Crater Lake Lappajärvi’s deepest point is 38 meters, and this little lake is the home of all the best loved Nordic sweet water fish. Regardless of you being an experienced fisherman or a beginner, you should take a fishing tour here! Soon you understand that fishing is only one part of the tour, local life and nature are just as important. The meteorite impact has left the area with unique minerals, stones and energies, which guests get to enjoy in e.g., the wellness experiences. Here Finnish sauna experiences are spiced with nature’s remedies and mythical energies. A cultural tour in the destinations villages is a deep dive into geological history and mythology, local culture and flavors and a must for those guests who only stay a day.

Visit Arctic Coast is proud to launch this gem of a destination. Arctic Crater Lake plays an important role in our value network, enriching the offering to our international travel trade partners with authentic countryside and UNESCO Global Geopark products.

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